How much do you understand the Data Protection Act in the Health Sector? In the digital world, when everything is saved on computers and hard drives instead of papers, the need for such an act is of utmost priority.

By the end of this training, learners should be able to understand:-

-         Legal basis for data protection (data protection act by design)

-          Legal issues such as the data protection principles governing data controllers and processors, obligations and rights to personal data subjects 

-         Grounds for data processing (for example data relating to health and other further categories of sensitive data)

-          Data protection actors and their various roles.

The course will provide you with a strategic and
in-depth knowledge on the Fundamentals of Mobile Health (mHealth) Technologies
and Solutions in the context of Health information systems (HIS).          

 To understand eHealth Basics

Data security refers to the process of protecting data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its lifecycle. Enroll to learn more